National Headlines 7-13-14

Governors to 2016ers: Take our advice (Politico)

Chris Christie: Gay marriage debate not over (Politico)

McCain: Middle East is now ‘more dangerous’ than ever before (The Hill)

ObamaCare’s next court threat (The Hill)

Obama’s unpredictability ‘stresses’ Secret Service (The Hill)

John McCain slams Rand Paul over Iraq crisis: He’s part of ‘fortress America’ (Daily Digest)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie partly blames President Obama for unrest in the Middle East (New York Daily News)

Differences claimed in Oklahoma education lawsuit (Washington Times)

Who’s this Martin O’Malley guy? He’s the stealth anti-Hillary Clinton candidate (MarketWatch)

See how they run: The 2016 presidential checklist (Associated Press)

California Schools Get Billions To Track, Boost Foster Children’s Performance (CBS News)