Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Will Romney Run Again

Rep. Jason Chaffetz made news last week by saying he thinks Mitt Romney will be the next President of the United States. Our “Political Insiders” and readers don’t agree with him…at all.

71% of Republicans, 65% of Democrats and 67% of our readers think Mitt Romney will stay out of the 2016 presidential race.

Just 21% of Republicans think he will run and win in 2016 while 3% of Democrats and 21% of our readers say he will be in the White House after the next election.

Only 3% of Republicans say Romney will run again and lose while 28% of Democrats and 12% of our readers say that will be the case.

Selected anonymous comments:

“Chaffetz desperately needs to see his name in print. Let the facts be damned.”

“Third time would not be the charm for Mitt. There is no way that conservative primary voters would give him another chance at even winning the Republican nomination, let alone the Presidency.”

“The legislative district represented by Chaffetz, was not represented in Congress for 100 days while he was out promoting Mitt. Utah politicians and Doug Wright are the only people in the country that can’t admit that President Obama has had a very positive influence on the Country. From healthcare to the economy he has been outstanding. Remember, It was a landslide in Obama’s favor. It wasn’t even close! Give it up!”

“Mitt has invested probably $50 million of his own money and several years of his life seeking the Presidency. He believes in himself and that he can do the job. I see him wanting to get a return on his investment and that he will run again and win. Jason is right.”

“If Romney thought he could win he would run. But he can’t so he won’t.”

“There’s no question that the American people have buyer’s remorse. During his 6 years in office, President Obama has clearly demonstrated his incompetence and lack of leadership time and time again.”

“It’s time for the GOP to stop looking to the past and begin to find a modern, moderate, pro-equality, pro-woman presidential candidate who understands that the issues of 2014 are not political issues, but human issues. Only then will they be able to take back the White House.”

“It’s a sad commentary on the Republican party that it has such a dearth of leadership that it would consider recycling the same candidate three times. I’m a an avid Romney supporter, but I just don’t see it happening. The only place this is even being discussed in in Utah, and we simply need to move on.”

“Even if he were to try to run again, the LDS Church’s recent excommunication of one of its leading advocates for gender equality will look to lots of people like the Church is some sort of medieval cult – and Romney would be very hard pressed to say that he is in favor of gender equality.”

“His family won’t support him doing this again.”

“I don’t think he will run. He would win if he did. The GOP doesn’t have anyone better.”

“His party’s field is weak, but he and the country probably don’t have the stomach for a third round.”

“That’s enough. Just stop.”

“Run, Mitt, run! The thought of the other potential GOP contenders is just too awful to bear. They are individually and collectively underwhelming (and some, like Mike Lee’s boyfriends Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are downright batty), and none of them are likely to prevail against Hilary Clinton. All that being said, if Mitt does run again, I hope he fires about 96% of his previous campaign staffers.”

“Sometimes you have to take people’s word. He likes his life. Why go through that hell again?”

“Mitt rocks! Americans realize they made a mistake when they didn’t elect him in 2012.”

“I just can’t imagine him taking a third bite at the apple. Chaffetz says he’s someone who ‘has always accomplished what he’s set out to do,’ but if he likes winning that much, he surely must feel the sting of losing twice and isn’t likely to set himself up for another high-profile failure.”

“Perhaps he should consult with Merrill Cook.”

“I take Romney at his word that he does not currently intend to run, however, I can foresee circumstances arising that could lead him to changing his mind — if it is truly the will of the people and there is a good likelihood of winning. I don’t believe he would enter the race simply to become the Republican sacrificial lamb.”

“Who cares?”