Terry Buckner Named Chair of Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors

Terry Buckner

The Salt Lake Chamber has named Terry Buckner, president and CEO of The Buckner Company, as the 106th person to serve as chair of the Board of Governors. Starting July 1, 2014, Buckner will serve a one-year term as chair.

“We are fortunate to have Terry Buckner step forward as chair of our organization. I have great confidence in him and the direction he will provide the Chamber in the coming year,” said Lane Beattie, president and CEO, Salt Lake Chamber. “Terry is a business owner who understands what it’s like to work hard and be successful in today’s economy. His insight as our incoming chair will elevate the Chamber to new heights.”
After assuming full control of The Buckner Company in 1992 from his father and uncle, Buckner made several strategic moves that allowed the company to experience explosive growth, propelling it to become one of the region’s largest independent insurance brokers. One thing he says will help the Salt Lake Chamber in the coming year is to find the “common ground” to connect more people.
“When the Chamber was formed in 1887, you had two opposing forces in our community. Leaders of the community saw the value in organizing the first iteration of the Salt Lake Chamber to find something in common as a community. The one thing they could agree on was to host the July 4, 1887 Independence Day celebration,” said Buckner. “Over the past 127 years, we’ve come together on many issues. Moving forward, we must look to the younger generation to get them involved in business issues and policy. The new generation coming up thinks differently than many have and we must again bring the community together and find common causes and common ground.”
Buckner takes over as chair for Ron Jibson, who is the chairman, president and CEO of Questar Corporation. As immediate past chair, Jibson’s influence will continue to play an active role on the Chamber Executive Board.
“I can’t say enough about the leadership of this Chamber,” said Jibson. “It’s hard to believe it’s been a year—a year of collective energy that has come together in accomplishing great things.”
Lori Chillingworth, Executive Vice President of Zions Bank’s Small Business Division, will take over the role of vice chair on the Chamber’s Board of Governors. This past year, she served as the policy committee chair. She also works closely with small business in her role with Zions Bank and is passionate about advocating on their behalf.
The Executive Board includes leaders from a cross-section of the Utah economy including banking, health care, mining, legal, publishing, construction, marketing, property management and energy. Businesses of all sizes are represented on the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors.