Poll: GOP Future Needs to Be More Diverse and Conservative

A Pew survey finds younger-aged Republicans think more minority and female candidates would help the party win elections.

More than 2/3rds (68%) of Republicans and those who lean toward the GOP say they would like to see more minorities nominated, and about the same number (64%) want more women nominees. Less than half of those over the age of 40 favor more ethnic minorities and women nominated.

Moreover, a clear majority in both age groups say the party needs to address some major problems, including reconsidering some of their positions, when looking at the future.

There are no significant age differences over the party’s future ideological direction: 50% of Republicans under 40 and 55% of those 40 and older favor their leaders moving in a more conservative direction.

However, younger Republicans have a different outlook about congressional compromise. Nearly four-in-ten (38%) said the GOP hasn’t compromised enough with Democrats in Congress, compared with 25% of older Republicans. About a quarter (24%) of younger Republicans believe the party has compromised too much, compared to 36% of Republicans 40 and older. About one-third of each group say the party has handled this about right.