NRCC Chairman Predicts Big GOP Pickups in November

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden says his party should pick up 11 seats in November’s elections.

Walden tells CQ Roll Call November should be a “wave” election for Republicans, and he expects the GOP majority in the House to expand to 245 members, which would be the biggest since 1945.

“We believe a lot that the drive for 245 is more than just a rhyming number,” Walden said. “We know there’s going to be some puts-and-takes there, but I think you can get to 245 [seats] this cycle.”

And, he added, Obama’s poll numbers coupled with the historical trend of the six-year presidential itch puts the wind at the GOP’s back.

“I think atmospherics are really bad for the Democrats,” Walden said. “This is shaping up far more to be a referendum election and not a good one for Democrats.”