National Headlines 7-28-14

House GOP faces big week on border crisis (Politico)

GOP: Border patrol agents handcuffed by wildlife rules (The Hill)

Jobless rate falls; Dems don’t rise (The Hill)

Medicare, Social Security head toward insolvency, at slower rate (The Hill)

Analysis: Clinton impeachment shadows GOP lawsuit (Associated Press)

Surveillance Programs Hinder Journalists, Lawyers, Report Says (Wall Street Journal)

Poll: Romney Would Win Re-Match, Lose To Hillary (TRNS)

Deal To Provide $15 Billion in Emergency Funding to Veterans Affairs (Wall Street Journal)

Washington handgun ban unconstitutional, judge rules (Los Angeles Times)

Florida voters back medical marijuana by huge margins; 88% approve use (Florida Times-Union)

Jacob Lew warns failure to quickly limit inversions imperils tax reform (Los Angeles Times)