National Headlines 8-4-14

Barack Obama to reporters: ‘I’ll take a question’ (Politico)

Romney to raise money for Christie (Politico)

Rick Perry PAC forms (Politico)

NLRB ratifies actions of unconstitutional board (The Hill)

A tale of two Rand Pauls (The Hill)

James Brady, a champion of gun control known for his charm and wit (Christian Science Monitor)

Larry Schwartz, Top Cuomo Aide, to Meet With Prosecutors (Wall Street Journal)

U.S. to Shut 3 Interim Shelters Housing Immigrant Children (New York Times)

Dem pulls anti-fracking support at last minute for Colorado ballot (The Hill)

Mitt Romney Insiders Are Trying To Kill ‘Draft Mitt’ (ABC News)

Chambliss slams Senate CIA report as partisan (The Hill)