For the First Time Ever, A Majority of Americans Disapprove of Their Own Member of Congress

A new poll shows most Americans disapprove of the job their own member of Congress is doing. 

The Washington Post/ABC poll has 51% saying their own member of Congress is doing a poor job. That’s the first time that number has gone above 50% in the 25-years they’ve been tracking the question.

This all might not seem that surprising. After all, Congress has been held in very low regard for some time. But even as Congress’s approval rating has sunk into the teens and stuck there, people generally saw their own member of Congress as different — i.e. not part of the problem. A recent Pew poll, for instance, showed 69 percent of people wanted to unseat most members of Congress, but just 36 percent said the same of their own member.

The new numbers, which show Americans disapproving by their own member by double digits, suggest the people are less and less willing to give their own member a pass for Congress’s sins.

Democrats fare better than Republicans in the poll. 49% have a favorable view of the Democratic party while just 35% give Republicans high marks.