The State of Play 90 Days Out: Utah House

With just 90 days to go before the 2014 midterm elections, we don’t see much to crow about for Utah’s Democrats.
Based on our current set of 2014 Race Ratings, Utah’s minority party is not well-positioned to make any gains in the House this year. Last year, the 14 Democrats in the House were near historic lows. After this year’s elections, that number could drop to 13 or even 12 based on our analysis.

We are fairly confident that Democrat Larry Wiley, who won his 2012 election by just 77 votes, is in real trouble this year against Republican Sophia DiCaro. 

Only one seat is rated as a “toss-up” at this time – House District 44. That seat is currently held by Democrat Tim Cosgrove, but he is retiring this year. He had tough re-election battles the last two cycles.