Local Headlines 8-7-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Utah should push for real corrections reform

Conservation commitments keep desert flowers off endangered list

Obama names New Mexico monument, says ‘I’m not finished’

Mormon Cliven Bundy says God showed him path to avoid civil war

Reluctant Murray pays $141,666 UTOPIA tab, but is hardly sold

Appeals court: ‘Burwash’ article was not defamatory

Six Utah cities plan to put UTOPIA question to voters

Bundy’s views ‘far on the fringes’ of Mormonism, says BYU prof

Outdoor businesses call on full conservation funding

Herbert to monument supporters: Come visit

Deseret News

Dan Liljenquist: Israel’s right to defend itself: Hamas not productive peace participant

UTOPIA mayors call for public vote on controversial utility fee proposal

Appeals court affirms news coverage of former UTOPIA employee not defamatory

Rep. Chris Stewart wants to name new federal courthouse for Sen. Orrin Hatch

Governor invites senators seeking new monument to visit Utah

Outdoor industry sees Utah as the place to grow for the future


Who will replace John Valentine? (Daily Herald)