Local Headlines 8-8-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Visits may strengthen move to preserve Utah land

Six Utah cities plan to put UTOPIA question to voters

Utah grapples with persistent problem: homeless students

Mia Love paid off student loans, made thousands giving speeches

Jordan to pay former administrator at least $500,000

Utah lawmakers dabble in medicine at U. mini-medical school

Judge won’t toss suit challenging Utah’s ‘ag gag’ law

Utah same-sex marriage proponents also want Supreme Court review

Deseret News

A. Scott Anderson: Education needs a unified long-range plan

Op-ed: Subprime auto loan market headed for disaster

Editorial: Obama should ignore calls for new Utah monument

UTOPIA mayors call for public vote on controversial utility fee proposal

Governor appoints new head of State Board of Pardons and Parole

Federal judge allows lawsuit against Utah’s ‘ag gag’ law to move forward

Governor invites senators seeking new monument to visit Utah

State School Board facing pressure from all sides ahead of NCLB waiver vote

Plaintiffs in Utah gay marriage case will ask Supreme Court to hear state’s appeal

Hatch says liberal senators seeking new monument should ‘keep their mitts off Utah’

Water supply project key to Salt Lake City, Sandy’s future