National Headlines 8-25-13

Navy ready to launch first strike on Syria (Telegraph)

Senior Administration Official: ‘Very Little Doubt’ Assad Regime Behind Alleged Chemical Attack (ABC News)

Edward Snowden’s digital maneuvers still stumping U.S. government (CBS News)

Fallin: Obama Speaking on Killing Would Be a ‘Nice Gesture’ (National Review)

ObamaCare’s architects reap windfall as Washington lobbyists (The Hill)

NY AG sues Trump, ‘Trump University,’ claims fraud (Associated Press)

Churches changing bylaws after gay marriage ruling (Associated Press)

New Obama policy warns agents not to detain illegal immigrant parents (Washington Times)

Business groups upbeat on fall deal to move immigration bill (The Hill)

Marine Corps to open infantry training to enlisted women (Marine Corps Times)

DNC Chair Won’t Comment on Weiner: ‘We Can’t Be Weighing In On Every Single Race’ (Weekly Standard)

Colin Powell: Trayvon Martin verdict ‘questionable’ (USA Today)