What Do Utah’s Congressmen Pay Their Staffers?

Some members of Utah’s congressional delegation pay members of their staff quite handsomely.

If you peruse the research engine Find the Best, you can break down Congressional salaries for all of Utah’s members.

The highest paid staffer is Boyd Matheson, who is State Director for Sen. Mike Lee. He pulls in an annual salary of $169,459. The rest of the top salary earners:

  • Michael Kennedy, Chief of Staff for Sen. Orrin Hatch – $164,682
  • Margaret Joseph, Chief of Staff for Rep. Jim Matheson – $158,656
  • Steven Petersen, Senior Policy Advisor for Rep. Rob Bishop – $157,650
  • Michael Connolly, Deputy Chief of Staff for Sen. Mike Lee – $151.006
  • Robert Porter, Deputy Chief of Staff for Sen. Orrin Hatch – $139,042

The top paid staffer for Rep. Jason Chaffetz is his Chief of Staff, Justin Harding, who makes $137,000, while Brian Steed, Rep. Chris Stewart’s Chief of Staff, pulls in $125,701.

Every member of Congress is allocated the same amount of money for salaries and personal expenses. Members can allocate that money how they see fit, but the number of employees is capped at 18 full-time and 4 part-time staffers. In 2013, that number was $944,671.