Utah.gov Wins Award for Excellence in Multimedia Arts and Creativity

Utah.gov announced it has received the VEMA Award. The VEMA Award recognizes outstanding work of the innovative, artistic, and creative professionals involved in the multimedia arts and was created to honor talented individuals and companies who strive to further the evolution and excellence of the visual arts and digital communication. The VEMA Award is a symbol that embodies the spirit of multimedia excellence and artistry.

“It is an honor to be recognized with such a prestigious award,” said Mark VanOrden, Chief Information Officer for the State of Utah. “ We have strived to create an online portal where the public can find the information and complete the transactions they need. I believe this award confirms our success at reaching that goal. Several new features at Utah.gov contributed to winning the award, however, the zooming user interface and the responsive design stand out as highlights of the excellent creative work done.”

The zooming user interface allows Utah.gov visitors to focus in on a section of the website and easily navigate directly to the information and details they seek.

With a large portion of the online population moving to mobile devices, Utah.gov also features responsive design, which adapts the online experience to any browser or screen size and determines the appropriate layout. For example, if a user visits from a mobile device or tablet, multi-columns are reduced to a single column and images are hidden so they do not interfere with the layout.

The VEMA Award is sanctioned and judged by the VEMA Arts & Standards Council, an invitation-only body consisting of a distinguished group of highly skilled professionals with expertise, leadership and vision in the various disciplines within the multimedia arts.