Most Americans Say ‘No’ on Another Romney Run

Most Americans think the third time won't be the charm for Mitt Romney.

A YouGov poll finds 53% say they don't want to see Mitt Romney mount another bid for the White House. That includes 68% of Democrats and 52% of independent voters. Republicans, however, are mixed with 32% favoring another run for Romney and 34% opposed.


Romney remains popular among Republicans, with 69% having a favorable opinion of him.

The results for Mitt Romney suggest a higher degree of opposition than is found for any other potential candidate. The response is slightly more negative than those found earlier this year for current Vice President Joe Biden, a Democrat, and former Florida governor Jeb Bush, a Republican. In May 22% of Americans wanted Biden to run and half (50%) did not; for Bush in April the numbers were 15% and 47%. By contrast, 39% recently said they did want Hillary Clinton to run, while 43% said they did not.