Poll: Utahns Mixed on Support for Common Core Standards, Most Don’t Understand Them

A plurality of Utahns don't support the Common Core Standards, but most don't know what they are in the first place.

A UtahPolicy.com poll conducted by Dan Jones and Associates shows that 41% of Utahns oppose Common Core. Just 29% support them, while 30% are either neutral or don't know.



When asked what they knew about Common Core, nearly 30% said they were educational standards forced on Utah by the federal government, which is not true. In fact, just over 1/5 of Utahns correctly identified Common Core as voluntary standards proposed by the nation's governors and education experts. That number is represented by the color green in the chart below.



Utahns also mostly believe that local school districts should not only set student achievement standards. However, they strongly believe those same local school districts should be responsible for determining how to meet those standards. Interestingly, they mostly feel the Utah Legislature should stay out of these decisions.




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