Local Headlines 8-27-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Taxation without fair explanation and comparisons

Editorial: Anti-Common Core mood based on ignorance

Board ousts Paul Mero as Sutherland Institute president

Sales tax votes? Only in a general election year

Audit blasts UTA, says it gave millions in sweetheart deals

Utah gets extra month to file same-sex recognition appeal

Sandy dumps city gun laws

Paul Rolly: Republican Reyes snubs Rotary Club debate

Deseret News

Jay Evensen: Lyft and Uber — The free market at work

Editorial: Recent Napa Valley earthquake reminds Utahns to be prepared

Paul Mero steps down as head of Sutherland Institute

DABC struggles with law allowing liquor license sales

Utah celebrates big conservation success story with tiny fish

Lawmaker’s proposal would offer free tuition if student can’t finish degree in 8 semesters

Court allows Utah more time to file gay marriage recognition appeal

Audit reveals major concerns about UTA operating procedures


Paul Mero, president of Sutherland Institute, steps down after 14 years (Daily Herald)

Audit: UTA execs have greater compensation than other in-state transportation execs (Daily Herald)

A visit to political ‘crazytown’ in Layton (Standard-Examiner)