Lt. Governor kicks off The 2014 Road to Registration Tour

With Election Day just two months away, the Utah Lt. Governor’s Office Thursday launched "The 2014 Road to Registration Tour" – a new awareness campaign aimed at encouraging young Utahns to register, and ultimately, vote in the 2014 election.

The Tour kicked off on the University of Utah campus with comments by Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox. He has made increasing voter registration and voter turnout top initiatives for his office.

“There is a significant disparity between eligible 18 to 24-year-olds and those 65 and older,” Lt. Governor Cox said. “This demonstrates the need to energize young people in the community, and engage them in the democratic process. The Road Tour will help ensure they know how easy it is to register, and how important it is to sign up and speak out this election year.”

“The 2014 Road to Registration Tour” is set to make appearances at numerous events throughout Oct., including the Utah State Fair, the Twilight Concert Series, the Zion Canyon Music Festival, the Utah Shakespearean Festival, farmers markets, and various college campuses.

The Tour features the “Utah Votercade,” a GMC Yukon Denali, wrapped in the campaign’s logo – which serves as home base for the Tour’s Registration Roadies, a team of young voters whose goal it is to energize thousands of young people to register and cast a ballot in this year’s election. Jerry Seiner Dealerships generously donated the Yukon, and Chevron donated gasoline for the duration of the tour.

In addition to The Road to Registration Tour, the Lt. Governor's Office operates, the state's premier source for election-related information. Visitors to the site can register to vote, find their polling location, research candidates and review a personalized sample ballot so they have no surprises on Election Day.