Local Headlines 8-29-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: UTA still has work to do to gain public trust

Utahns increasingly optimistic about economy

Ralph Becker shares beers with Salt Lake City residents

UTA attacked, defended after tough audit

Herbert supports appeal of ruling against Utah’s bigamy law

‘Capitol 13’ group vows to fight disruption charges

Utah’s alternative to Medicaid expansion still stalled

Utah plaintiffs ask U.S. Supreme Court to hear gay marriage case

Gov. Gary Herbert says UTA has fixed most problems in audit

Deseret News

Op-ed: Equality in family life does not mean sameness

Editorial: A slippery ‘immoral’ Tweet

Couples in Utah same-sex marriage case ask Supreme Court to hear state’s appeal

Gov.: Elected officials need to serve on UTA board to boost accountibility

Gay rights activists to fight charges for disrupting Utah Legislature