Lee Makes a Key Hire for 2016

Sen. Mike Lee is raising eyebrows for hiring the former national political director of FreedomWorks to head up his 2016 re-election bid.

Politico takes note of the news that Russ Walker left FreedomWorks within the last week before signing on with Lee. Adam Brandon, executive vice president of FreedomWorks, says Walker moving to Lee's campaign is a good move for his organization.

“Mike Lee’s re-election in 2016, I can’t see a higher priority for us [than that],” Brandon said. “If Russ went any place else I’d be pissed off. But going there, that’s the place where he needs to be and … having our top political guy…. supporting that effort that’s as good as it gets. We will be re-endorsing Mike Lee for his re-election, and that will be a major effort of ours.”

Asked if Walker would have stayed on without the Lee job offer, he said, “I assume so. I absolutely assume so. We’re two years on from the coup right now. All that stuff, that was a product of seismic change in our institution.”