Local Headlines 9-11-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Prairie dog process has been a dog

Iron County to feds: Count every prairie dog

Utah’s Stewart: Speeches won’t help, Obama must act

Supreme court to look at Utah’s same-sex marriage case, 4 others

Should Mexican wolves roam Utah?

GOP pondering Hatch Act complaint against sheriff

Utah’s ex-A.G. Shurtleff asks FBI, cops for all they have on him

Two telemarketers charged; both had ties to Swallow, Shurtleff

Grand America Hotel fined $2M for hiring undocumented workers

Deseret News

Chris Stewart: The lesson from 9/11 is not isolationism

Editorial: Park City bond

Federal money to help Utah, ranchers in sage grouse efforts

Work requirement may be key to selling Utah lawmakers on Medicaid expansion alternative

Utah makes final plea for Supreme Court to take gay marriage case

Ex-A.G. Mark Shurtleff seeks FBI information on sting operation


Op-ed: Nexus of inefficiency in criminal justice system, public policy and poverty (Standard-Examiner)

Ogden Council learns how to be more like Rahm Emanuel (Standard-Examiner)

Deidre Henderson: Corporate tax rate: Lower it or lose our edge (Daily Herald)