Local Headlines 9-18-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: UTA must turn a corner to earn support

Another rejected candidate wants on Utah state school ballot

Utah law seems to cut teen tanning by one-third

UTA defends high pay, sweetheart deals while pledging reform

Proposal: Pass citizenship test to graduate from Utah high school

Traverse Ridge residents have right to vote on taxes, Utah Supreme Court says

HEAL Utah files appeal to halt Green River nuclear power plant

Feds charge five Utahns in Recapture Canyon protest ride

Judge orders Utah County candidate onto school board ballot

Jon Huntsman won’t rule out 2016 run, but eyes sidelines for now

Senate confirms Valentine to chair Tax Commission

Utah lawmakers support sending military weapons to police

Report: Utahns should pay more for their water

Utah governor: No surprises, no monument — for now

Deseret News

Jonathan E. Johnson III: Keep our republic: Support civics education

Op-ed: Utah, where do you stand on marriage?

Dan Liljenquist: The Utah Debate Commission helps create well-informed voters

Editorial: Now a thriving urban hub, Salt Lake City must plan for future demand

Utah Supreme Court rules in favor of Draper voters in taxation dispute

Groups appeal decision in Utah nuclear power plant case

Senate confirms Sen. John Valentine to head Utah Tax Commission

Lawmakers, critics debate ‘militarization’ of Utah police agencies

Utah minority students learning English but not applying it in other subjects

Utah senator aims to bring computer coding to every student

Stericycle critics: Shut it down now

Interior secretary promised no surprise new monuments in Utah, Herbert says

Lawmakers, business leaders back bill requiring civics test

Protest ride results in charges against commissioner, amps up federal showdown

Utah’s water future: Develop or conserve?

Utah facing affordable housing crisis, advocates tell lawmakers


Editorial: Utah County teamwork a formula for success (Daily Herald)

Business leaders look to the future at Utah Valley Chamber’s Executive Summit (Daily Herald)

Lawmakers briefed on program that gives police military equipment (Daily Herald)

Senate says goodbye, confirms Valentine to Utah State Tax Commission (Daily Herald)

Hesterman accepts role with Utah Taxpayers Association (Daily Herald)

Ogden city council welcomes huge Latino contingent (Standard-Examiner)

Stericycle linked to burning of radioactive waste (Standard-Examiner)

‘Healthy Utah’ proponents must now convince Legislature (Standard-Examiner)