Doug Owens Talks Campaign 2014 (Video)

Democratic 4th Congressional District candidate Doug Owens says if he wins in November, he will fight against partisan politics.

"I've come to realize not one party has all the good ideas, you have to take them where you can find them," says Owens.

He says he learned a lot about working across the aisle from his father's time in Congress.

"He worked with Republican Senator Jake Garn to fund the Central Utah water project, the last big water project in the West. They could work together despite their differences and have a friendship that worked for Utah. We need to get back to that spirt because we're getting killed by gridlock."

Owens also worries about what partisan politics are doing to the country as a whole.

"Voters need to insist that the people they send to Washington are bi-partisan, not hyperpartisan. There's a big difference."

Owens also says he's found a big difference from watching his dad run for office and being a candidate himself.

"Being your own pin cushion is a new thing. It's different when you watch someone else be a pin cushion, but when you are the pin cushion, it feels quite different."