Exclusive Poll: Herbert’s Approval Ratings Sky-High, Lee and Reyes Lag Behind

Gov. Gary Herbert continues his run as one of the most popular governors in the nation, with more than 2/3 of Utahns approving of his job performance. However, Utahns aren't quite as sold on the jobs Sen. Mike Lee and Attorney General Sean Reyes are doing.

In February of this year, the Washington post said Herbert's approval rating topped all other governnors in the nation at 73%. Right now those numbers are comparable with a 71% approval rating according to our latest UtahPolicy.com survey conducted by Dan Jones and Associates. Just 24% disapprove of the job he's doing right now, which gives him a net-positive approval rating of 47 points.



Sen. Mike Lee's troubles following the 16-day government shutdown last year continue, but he is improving a bit. In October of 2013, a BYU poll gave Lee an approval rating of 40%, compared with 51% of Utahns who disapproved of his performance. Our survey shows Lee's approval rating has recovered a full 14-points since that nadir, with 54% of Utahns approving of his job performance, and 35% disapproving. Those numbers give Lee a net-positive approval rating of 19-points.


Attorney General Sean Reyes' approval rating is floating above 50% right now, but nearly a quarter of Utahns don't have an opinion of him.

Reyes' net-approval rating is 34-points, but 28% say they don't have an opinion about him.


Our survey was conducted September 23-25 among 403 likely Utah voters. It has a margin of error of +/- 4.88%.