Democrat Charles Stormont Discusses Ethics and Same-Sex Marriage (Video)

Democrat Charles Stormont is making ethics reform a centerpiece of his campaign.

Stormont says it's time that someone on the Hill does something about improving ethics.

"It's low-hanging fruit to talk about ethics but, still, nothing happens," he says. "We can create a state ethics model that has independence. It's so long-overdue in Utah. The Legislature has put in some 'window dressing' by creating committees that don't have investigatory or prosecutorial authority."

Stormont also differs from his Republican opponent, Sean Reyes, on the issue of same-sex marriage. Stormont says the state should not be defending Amendment 3 all the way to the Supreme Court.

"The turning point for most voters is when we let them know about the other needs in the A.G.'s office, and what we are unable to do. Yet, we are spending tons of money on outside counsel to present an argument that is already in front of the Supreme Court six other times. We can spend that money better elsewhere serving the needs of Utahns.

Stormont also talks about why the continued health of the Salt Lake Tribune is a campaign issue for him, and why his tie matches his campaign signs.