Gail Miller to Serve as a Chair of Count My Vote

As students of American history, Larry H. Miller and Gail Miller shared a strong passion for democracy and freedom. The Miller family is profoundly grateful for the men and women who laid the foundation of our great country and form of government.

Before passing, Larry H. Miller served as Chair of “The Governor’s Commission on Strengthening Utah’s Democracy.” While recovering from a major heart attack and struggling with serious health challenges, Larry remained determined to do his part as a citizen. Larry could not attend the Commission’s first meeting in person, so he conducted by telephone from his hospital room. Larry’s commitment and sacrifice on behalf of his community is truly inspiring.

It is with this same zeal for participation that Gail Miller will serve as a Chair of Count My Vote. Count My Vote seeks to increase Utah voter participation through a citizens’ initiative petition to modernize Utah’s election system.

“I believe that we become a stronger nation when our citizens participate in elections and are engaged with their government,” said Gail Miller. “My support of Count My Vote carries on our legacy and passion for participation.”

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