Local Headlines 10-3-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: ‘Good Landlord’ programs don’t give ex-inmates a fair chance

Despite voter-registration snafu Mitt Romney not shunning GOP

Ebola is ‘extraordinarily unlikely’ in patient at Utah hospita

Witness list for Shurtleff and Swallow includes 56 names

Utahns drive enough combined to go to moon 111 times a year

Election-by-mail trend changing how Utahns vote and campaign

No action from Supreme Court on gay marriage — yet

Deseret News

Greg Bell: Pray for America: Past leaders have, so why not us?

William J. Bennett: STEM education must start early — and Ogden’s Green Acres shows the pathway

Thomas Wright: Benefits of the vote-by-mail program

Natalie Gochnour: Utah state budget — ‘the rest of the story’

Editorial: Secession — really? Nearly 1 in 4 Americans support seceding from the U.S.

Supreme Court takes no action on same-sex marriage cases after first meeting

Cowboy Express gallops into Utah to protest federal land managers

More than 50 witnesses possible in trial for ex-Attorneys General Shurtleff, Swallow


Editorial: Absenteeism a huge problem (Standard-Examiner)