Exclusive Poll: Utahns Support Taking Control of Federal Lands in the State

Utah Lawmakers have been discussing whether the state should attempt to take control of public lands within the state borders. Most Utahns think that's a worthy pursuit.

The latest UtahPolicy.com poll conducted by Dan Jones and Associates finds 60% of Utahns think Utah's state government should take control of BLM lands, while just 33% oppose the effort.



The issue is a topic of debate during this year's race for Attorney General as Democrat Charles Stormont says the state has no shot at wresting control of those lands away from the feds while Republican Sean Reyes has told lawmakers that any legal action would not be ready until next year, but he thinks the state has a chance.

There's a little less support for the idea of the state grabbing control of lands under the perview of the Forest Service. Just 50% support that, while 42% are opposed.

A clear majority of Utahns (53%) think the state government would do the best job managing public lands. About 1/4 say the federal government should be in charge of public lands, while 14% think city and county governments should be in charge.


The survey was conducted September 30 – October 2 among 406 registered voters. The margin of error is +/-4.86%