Local Headlines 10-6-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: My mea culpa: The legislative session that wasn’t

Op-ed: We tried to tell you about Snake Valley water

Editorial: Time to send Robles to Congress

Editorial: Elect Charles Stormont attorney general

Draper city rushes to hand off oversight of Traverse Ridge district

New Huntsman book exposes his gambler’s heart

Low test scores may add to Utah debate over teaching math

Grand County balks at joining eastern Utah clout-building coalition

Secret Service lapses give Chaffetz audition for chairman

‘Comply or die is not the law’ — Utah police shootings come under fire

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: What’s all the fuss about the Utah Debate Commission?

Drew Clark: An entrepreneurial spirit, plus education, plants seeds for economic success

Jay Evensen: Don’t believe the hype about gambling

Robert Bennett: Middle East problems are back in the news — front and center

Editorial: Investigator confirms benefit of police-worn cameras

Ex A.G. Mark Shurtleff wants state to identify witnesses in case against him

Relatives, former S.L. mayor Rocky Anderson demand accountability for officer-involved shootings


Editorial: Provo School bond deserves voter support (Daily Herald)

Cutting through the fog: Air quality concerns still high, but there’s optimism in the wind (Logan Herald Journal)

Editorial: Coverage gap victims (Standard-Examiner)

Chaffetz made his mark with Secret Service director’s ouster (Standard-Examiner)

A bevy of Davis budget meetings will determine what gets spent where (Standard-Examiner)

How is Hill impacted by F-22 combat operations in Syria? (Standard-Examiner)