BYU Becomes Political Football in Virginia

Somehow BYU’s football team became a political insult in Virginia’s gubernatorial race over the weekend.

Deadspin says Virginia’s Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli aired a TV spot during the Virginia Tech vs. Alabama football game last Saturday. One of his opponents hired a plane carrying a banner that said “Cuccinelli Says Go BYU” to fly over the BYU vs. Virginia game that same day.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli—a UVA graduate—will air a “Go Hokies” advertisement during the highly visible VT-Alabama game. In it, Cuccinelli says even though he’s a Wahoo, he will be pulling for Tech during the game.

Cuccinelli’s opposition, despite the fewer eyes (and apparently dollars), has bested him anyway, with this devious trolling. Someone hired a plane to fly a “Cuccinelli Says Go BYU” banner over Charlottesville before UVA-BYU kickoff.