Huntsman Says No to 2016 Run

We can finally stop speculating about Jon Huntsman's political future – he says there won't be one.

Huntsman tells Politico he won't run for president in 2016 and he has no plans to run for another office.

“I can’t describe a pathway through the early primary states up to Super Tuesday, and if you can’t find that pathway or describe what that pathway is, then you had [better] not be in the race,” Huntsman said in an exclusive interview for POLITICO’s “Lessons from Leaders” series.

Huntsman also dismissed any future run for state office.

“I’ve been governor, elected twice as governor, but when you get elected with about 80 percent of the vote, if you try to do that over again, you’re never going to be as good as the first time around. I think its fool-hearted to try,” he said.

Huntsman also says political parties have become "irrelevant" in the political process as they've been usurped by individuals who raise and donate massive amounts of money.

Here's the video: