National Headlines 9-2-13

Bashar Assad loses U.S. friends as Kerry, Hagel and Biden take Bush’s stance on Syria (Washington Times)

Obama seeks to recruit McCain, Graham backing on Syria military action (The Hill)

Labor union frustration boils over with president on ObamaCare (The Hill)

Rep. Grayson: Obama case for Syria ‘doesn’t make any sense’ (The Hill)

Immigration advocates vow big Washington rallies to press reform (The Hill)

Syria resolution will be ‘a very tough sell’ in Congress, lawmakers say (Washington Post)

U.S. intelligence agencies spend millions to hunt for insider threats, document shows (Washington Post)

Obama and aides confront skeptical Congress on Syria strike (Reuters)

Kerry, Hagel to testify at U.S. Senate hearing on Syria Tuesday (Reuters)

AT&T provides DEA with 26 years worth of phone call data (BGR)