Local Headlines 10-15-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: ‘Shared solution’ worthy of UDOT consideration

Study: Utah lowest in student debt

Defense officials want to expand Utah Test and Training Range

Mountain Accord yields ideals for central Wasatch

Audit: Utah lax in overseeing $600M in incentives to companies

Education funding at center of heated 4th District debate

Deseret News

Editorial: Take Ebola seriously, but don’t overreact

U.S. energy administration predicts low fuel costs this winter

Mitt Romney makes an appearance in Mia Love’s new campaign ad

Audit cites ‘inadequate oversight’ in state economic development program

Few fireworks in Love-Owens debate


Utah County leaders fight for community’s silent impoverished, the sheltered poor (Daily Herald)

Orem mayor calls for solidarity on council (Daily Herald)

Garn unhappy with NASA spending cuts (Standard-Examiner)