Hillary Clinton Testing Possible Anti-Corporation Election Theme

Hillary Clinton's 2016 candidacy is quickly becoming the worst-kept secret in American politics. It looks like she is getting ready to run on a centrist, anti-corporation platform.

The Wall Street Journal notes Clinton has been testing out a possible 2016 stump speech in which she sides firmly with workers over "rich corporations."


Campaigning in Philadelphia last week with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf, Mrs. Clinton said corporations “seem to have all of the rights but none of the responsibilities of people.”

Appearing in Michigan with Democratic candidates on Thursday, Mrs. Clinton said America “was built not by rich corporations, but laborers.”

In the same campaign trip, Mrs. Clinton also allied herself with more centrist parts of her party—a political space her husband sought to occupy as a presidential candidate. Appearing Wednesday in Kentucky, Mrs. Clinton stood nearby as Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes pronounced the state “Clinton country.’’

The Journal points out that Clinton's anti-corporation stance does seem a bit disingenuous, given that she and her husband have accepted hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate donations to their campaigns.