Exclusive Poll: Utahns Attitudes About Same-Sex Marriage Shifting Following Supreme Court Decision

Utahns have become a little more accepting of same-sex marriages after they were legalized in the state following a Supreme Court decision.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court refused to hear Utah's appeal of a lower court ruling striking down the state's ban on same-sex marriage. Because of that same-sex marriage is now legal in Utah, which grants same-sex couples the same rights and privileges that opposite-sex couples enjoyed when they married.

Our latest UtahPolicy.com poll conducted by Dan Jones and associates finds 58% of Utahns oppose same-sex marriage. That number is down slightly from when we asked a similar question in August, when 61% told us they opposed same-sex marriage.

However, the number of people who are steadfastly opposed to same-sex unions has fallen dramatically. Just 44% tell us they are strongly opposed. In August, 53% said they were "completely opposed."

Here's what we found in August.


It's clear that a shift signals more acceptance of same-sex marriage in Utah, especially following the Supreme Court ruling. We see a rise in the number of people who "somewhat oppose" or "somewhat support" same sex marriage. There has been a 9% jump in people who say they somewhat support same-sex marriage, while those who are somewhat opposed has risen 6%. Those who are completely in favor of same-sex marriage remains roughly the same.