Local Headlines 9-2-13

Salt Lake Tribune

Chris Stewart: EPA transparency

Op-ed: SITLA needs a makeover

Op-ed: Drilling leases won’t harm land

Editorial: Off limits: Herbert stands up for preservation

Editorial: Grading the system: School grades are fuel for change

Editorial: States rights: Marriage and marijuana

Life in Congress — it isn’t like in the movies

Immigration policy shift may not help many in Utah

Embattled Utah labor unions score recent organizing successes

Reaching for hope: Understanding Utah’s health care exchange

Rolly: UTA train ride enters into the Twilight Zone

Utah has a long list of famous political scandals

Deseret News

Op-ed: Utah’s handling of education could be a model for the nation

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Some newspaper headlines you’ll never see published

Robert Bennett: Congress is needed in Syria decision

Editorial: Those without skills will always struggle, regardless of the minimum wage

Common Core opponents encouraged to pray for standards’ defeat

Utah Dems fire at GOP lawmakers in defense of teachers, SLC School District

Utah House committee names investigators for Swallow probe

Ute Indian Tribe announces boycott of Roosevelt businesses citing racial profiling by police

School trust managers say they will go forward with oil lease plan

Lake Powell is down but not out

Herbert makes sales pitch for Utah

The disputed science of fetal pain


Chaffetz working to keep agents on the border (Daily Herald)

Op-ed: Commission will issue bonds for library system (Standard-Examiner)

Op-ed: Demand accountability from legislators for an unwise school grading program (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: Keep feds out of college ratings (Standard-Examiner)

Gov. Herbert not rushing Medicaid decision (Standard-Examiner)

Social media empowers vicious local political campaigns (Standard-Examiner)

Two teams of investigators to help in Swallow probe (Standard-Examiner)

Cache educators criticize Utah’s new ‘School Grading’ system (Logan Herald Journal)