National Democrats Set to Pour Money into Utah’s 4th District Race

Here's the clearest sign yet that the race between Republican Mia Love and Democrat Doug Owens is turning into a nail-biter.

Democratic sources tell that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is set to funnel money into Utah in an effort to push Owens to victory next week. The group, which helps elect Democratic members of the House, has been running phone polling in the state over the last two days.

A BYU poll released Monday suggested the race between Love and Owens is extremely close, and the DCCC's intention to get involved in the contest seems to confirm that thought.

It's not clear if the last-minute cash infusion will be enough to propel Owens to victory with less than a week to go before the election.

In 2012, the DCCC pumped more than $800,000 into the race to support Democrat Jim Matheson while the National Republican Congressional Committee added another $628,000 to back Love. is set to release our own poll in Utah's 4th Congressional District on Friday morning.