National Headlines 10-29-14

The most wide-open Senate election in a decade (Politico)

2016 cash race: It’s on (Politico)

Iowa not ready to crown Hillary (The Hill)

Nurse who tested negative for Ebola fights Maine quarantine (Reuters)

Iowa Senate race suddenly an international story (KCRG)

Cutler is staying in governor’s race amid pressure (Associated Press)

Hispanic support of Democratic Party waning, study finds (FOX News)

Pastors speak up on city’s decision to drop subpoenas (Houston Chronicle)

Red Cross mishandled Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy response, ProPublica and NPR find (Times-Picayune)

Invigorated by nasty ‘family brawl’ coverage, Sarah Palin wants to run for office again (Oregonian)

Russia reportedly suspected of being behind breach of White House computers (FOX News)