Poll: A Plurality of Utahns want to Ditch Daylight Savings Time

Utah lawmakers will consider whether the state should dump Daylight Savings Time. Utahns are split on whether the state should dump the "spring forward, fall back" system.

Rep. Lee Perry and Sen. Aaron Osmond say they will sponsor legislation next year to either end Daylight Savings or let voters decide whether to ditch the practice.

Our UtahPolicy.com survey finds 44% of Utahns would prefer to get rid of Daylight Savings and stay on the "fall back" model all year long. 19% say the state should stay on Daylight Savings ("spring forward") all year round, while 37% say Utah should keep the current system.


44% of Republicans and 46% of independent voters would like to dump Daylight Savings and remain on Mountain Standard Time all year long, while just 34% of Democrats feel that way.

45% of Democrats want to keep the current "spring forward, fall back" system, while 38% of Republicans and 34% of independent voters agree.

Currently the only states that do not use Daylight Savings Time are Hawaii and Arizona.