Why Mia Love Will Win on Tuesday

768. That number has haunted Mia Love since 2012 when she lost to Jim Matheson by that many votes. Here are some reasons why that won't happen again this year.

[Editor's note: Here are our reasons why Doug Owens might win on Tuesday]

She's in the lead

Despite all the talk about Doug Owens closing on her in the final days of the campaign, she is ahead and has been from the start. She basically started this year's race at the same point where she ended 2012. All she needs to do is win over a handful of Republicans who crossed over and voted for Matheson and she's home free. She has much less work to do than Owens, and she's been running at full speed for nearly a year.

She has more money

The not-so-secret winning sauce in American politics is money, and Love has more…lots more. According to Open Secrets, Love has $484,987 on hand as of October 15, while Owens had just $90,734. Love has been a fundraising machine this cycle, raising nearly $4.7 million. Having that kind of money allows you to run the kind of campaign you want to. 

She's a Republican

Yes, she's probably a weaker candidate this year than Utah Republicans thought she would be, but she still has that "R" by her name. That's a huge advantage in this state where Republicans rule the roost. In the end, a lot of undecided voters will vote for her because of party affiliation.

She has a bigger margin for error

6% of voters say they are undecided heading into the final days of the campaign. Love has a 5-point lead. That means Owens needs to win 83% of those undecided voters in order to pull even with her. That's going to be nearly impossible to do.

Love got an early start on the race, scared off most serious GOP challengers with her massive cash advantage and should ride that to a win on Tuesday.