National Headlines 11-2-14

Rand Paul courts the black vote (The Hill)

DNC chair: ‘We’re going to hold the Senate’ (The Hill)

Senate elections 101: In remote Alaska, remotest places could be crucial (Christian Science Monitor)

The Dems and the Avoidable Election Rout (Huffington Post)

Obama Makes Final Campaign Push (Huffington Post)

Colorado’s Democratic Drift Seems to Stall (Wall Street Journal)

Across the South, polls show Republicans ahead before Tuesday’s elections: Jarvis DeBerry (Times-Picayune)

Romney waves specter of ‘amnesty’ over 2014 (MSBC)

Wooing African-Americans, GOP lays off Obama attacks in Illinois (Chicago Sun-Times)

Candidates make last minute push before Tuesday’s election (KCRA)

Hillary Clinton’s populist credibility questioned after Elizabeth Warren mimic (Washington Times)