Ten Things You Need to Know for Tuesday – November 4, 2014

It's Election Day! Go Vote!

What to watch for in tonight's election returns. Voter turnout in Utah will again be disappointing.


  • Days until the opening day of the 2015 Utah Legislature – 83
  • Days to the final day of the 2015 Utah Legislature – 128
  • Days to the 2015 election – 364
  • Days to the 2016 Iowa Caucuses (tentative) – 440
  • Days until the 2016 presidential election – 735

Tuesday's top-10 headlines:

  1. Here's what to watch for nationally in Tuesday's midterm elections [New York Times].
  2. There are a number of Utah legislative races you should pay attention to on election day [Utah Policy].
  3. Turnout at the polls for the 2014 midterms will struggle to top 40% in Utah [Utah Policy].
  4. A lot of Utahns have already voted, but campaigning continues all the way to the end [Deseret News].
  5. Some voters who use Utah's vote-by-mail program are worried about ballot security [KSL].
  6. It could be weeks or even months before we know which party will control the Senate after tonight's elections [Politico].
  7. Salt Lake Chamber President Lane Beattie defends Utah's tax incentive program as economic development fuel [Deseret News].
  8. A group of environmentalists have filed suit to force the state to take action on a pollution permit for Salt Lake's largest oil refinery [Tribune].
  9. Cottonwood Heights begins construction on a new City Hall [Tribune].
  10. The town of Myton fires its police chief after three women claim he was stalking them [Deseret News].

On this day in history:

  • 1922 – The entrance to King Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered in Egypt.
  • 1924 – Nellie T. Ross of Wyoming was elected the nation's first woman governor.
  • 1979 – The Iranian hostage crisis began as militants stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.
  • 2008 – Democrat Barack Obama was elected the first black president of the United States.
  • 2008 – California voters approved Proposition 8 which outlawed same-sex marriage