National Headlines 9-4-13

Obama: ‘I didn’t set a red line’ (The Hill)

McCain wants to expand Obama’s battlefield authority (The Hill)

Bradley Manning is seeking a presidential pardon (Los Angeles Times)

Bill Clinton urges unity for Obama’s health care law (USA Today)

NAACP, KKK conduct first-ever summit to explore race issues in Wyoming (Post-Standard)

Pledge Of Allegiance Challenge Heard In Massachusetts Court (Associated Press)

Bloomberg sues City Council to overturn law targeting stop-and-frisk profiling (New York Daily News)

Federal jury rejects ‘N-word’ among blacks in workplace (New York Daily News)

Poll: Scott Stringer slight lead over Eliot Spitzer (Politico)

The United States Army finally shaved off Nidal Hasan’s beard (Daily Caller)

S&P: U.S. lawsuit is retaliation for downgrade (CNNMoney)

U.S. energy lifting economy more than expected (USA Today)