SLC International Rebuild Ready for Takeoff

Members of the Salt Lake Chamber Utah Transportation Coalition got an inside look at the Salt Lake City International Airport’s $1.8 billion rebuild.


Executive Director of the Salt Lake City Department of Airports welcomed the Utah Transportation Coalition and showed how the project will dramatically change this invaluable asset to Utah’s economy, our community and the way we travel for the better in the coming decades.

The group heard specifically from the Mike Williams, CEO of Making Projects Work and project manager of the airport rebuild. Williams presented with the current plans and future timeline, which begins this year and will complete by 2026.

The plans call for a staged but complete demolition of the existing terminals, parking structures and rental car facilities. The new airport will feature Utah’s great landscapes with the goal of achieving LEED Silver status or better. SLC International is regarded as one of the top airports in the world and this rebuild is designed to enhance that reputation through improve efficiency and security.  We applaud the airport’s efforts to collaborate with their industry partners to achieve this goal.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

The group also heard briefly from Michael Allegra, general manager of the Utah Transit Authority (UTA). He discussed the brand-new airport TRAX line and future integration plans between the airport and TRAX. While the current line is an immense accomplishment for our community, future plans entail an extension of the line to allow passengers to board TRAX directly from the terminals.

UTA also recently announced that riders can park at several of their stations for the duration of their trip and utilize the airport TRAX line.

Finishing with a bang

The group received a demonstration from Airport Police Tactical Unit. This demonstration included a bomb-sniffing K-9 unit, the airport’s remote-controlled bomb disposal robot, and the tactical team’s firearms. After educating the group on various explosive devices terrorist organizations attempt to use, the demonstration finished with a bang as the team detonated these same devices in a controlled environment.

The Utah Transportation Coalition thanks its participating members, the Salt Lake Airport Advisory Board, the Airport Tactical Police Unit, and Maureen Riley and her team Salt Lake City Department of Airports.