National Headlines 11-17-14

Obama turns to McConnell to secure his legacy (Politico)

Harry Reid unleashes mayhem on Senate floor (Politico)

Dems struggle to turn page on ‘stupidity’ (The Hill)

Obama in 2006: I’ve ‘liberally’ stolen ideas from Gruber (The Hill)

Pelosi dismisses ‘fuss’ over denial of proxy vote to pregnant lawmaker (The Hill)

Keystone stuck at 59 votes (The Hill)

Mo. governor declares ’emergency’ before jury ruling (USA Today)

Islamic State beheading videos might now be backfiring (Christian Science Monitor)

Obama’s potential immigration plan could enter uncharted territory (Washington Post)

Jonathan Gruber’s ‘stupid’ voter remarks: For GOP, gift that keeps giving. (Christian Science Monitor)

FCC chairman wants fee hike to expand Internet access (Associated Press)