Chaffetz Selected Chair of Prestigious Oversight Committee

Utah's clout in Washington, D.C. is rising. Rep. Jason Chaffetz has been selected as the new chair of the high-profile House Oversight Committee.

Chaffetz defeated two opponents from Ohio to grab the coveted seat which is tasked with keeping an eye on government doings, particularly the White House.

From Politico:

Chaffetz bested two congressmen from Speaker John Boehner’s home state of Ohio: Reps. Mike Turner and Jim Jordan. Turner is more senior than Chaffetz, but members of the steering committee thought the Utah Republican was more prepared and engaged in the work of the oversight committee. Boehner has five votes on the steering committee, and has the ability to sway the outcome.

Otherwise, the steering committee selected a predictable slate of mostly white men. Texas boasts five chairmen, Utah has two and Michigan, which once boasted four chairmen, now just has two.

Rep. Rob Bishop was named Chair of the Natural Resources Committee.

On the Senate side Orrin Hatch is set to become President Pro-Tempore of the Senate, putting him third in line for the presidency.