Local Headlines 11-20-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Uber and allies shouldn’t bully local governments

Limits on campaign contributions lose again in Utah Legislature

Davis County lawmaker wants jail fees legal again

Concealed weapon permit numbers dip

GOED lauded, but audit is concerning

Speaker: Utah lawmakers must have a say on expansion of bombing range

House GOP leader working on alternative method for state school board election

Utah cities seek sales tax increase to improve local roads

Prosecutor seeks to drop racketeering count against Shurtleff

Firing squad executions back on the table in Utah Legislature

Officials say economic outlook good for public land transfer, but keep study under wraps

Shutting off NSA’s water gains support in Utah Legislature

Deseret News

Drew Clark: A better solution on Net Neutrality: Trust the law or change it

Op-ed: Improvements needed in AG’s Office

Dan Liljenquist: Obamacare was a rude awakening for Americans

Editorial: Smoking aside, Utah can still limit lung cancer with improved air quality

State seeks to drop racketeering charge against ex-A.G. Mark Shurtleff

Retiring House speaker wants place at table for lawmakers on testing range expansion

Bill would increase noncustodial parents’ time with children

Bill would require state agencies to expunge public records of administrative sanctions

Firing squads could be legal again in Utah

School grading system changes in light of new assessment

Utah members of Congress slam Obama’s immigration reform plan

Report: Utah among top 10 states for effective use of student data


County buys $2.9M in properties for West Davis Corridor (Standard-Examiner)

Weber vote canvass shows 39 percent turnout, total GOP domination (Standard-Examiner)