Luz Robles Officially Running for Congress

Republican Chris Stewart already has an opponent in the 2014 election – Democratic State Senator Luz Robles.

The first “announcement” as it were came on the Utah Stonewall Democrats Facebook page Wednesday evening with this post:

When reached for comment, Robles confirmed she will make her announcement next week on September 10.

“We’re excited to be making this step and we are gearing up for a competitive race.”

Robles says she plans to raise $1 million dollars for her campaign. That would more than double the $473,000 Republican Chris Stewart raised for his winning campaign in 2012, and would be more than 10-times what Democrat Jay Seegmiller spent.

“This district deserves attention from the media and the rest of the state,” says Robles, who acknowledges the potential Jim Matheson vs. Mia Love rematch in District 4 will pull the lion’s share of attention next year. ” We are going to campaigning hard and registering voters in order to win.”

Robles is the only Democratic member of the Utah Senate who is not up for election in 2014.