State Launches Electric Vehicle Website

The Governor’s Office of Energy Development announces today the official launch of, a website aimed at educating Utahns about the many benefits of electric vehicles and about how technological advances have brought a variety of vehicles to the market while at the same time facilitating a rapid expansion of charging infrastructure. 

The website serves as a “one stop shop” for information regarding electric vehicles, featuring an interactive charging station map, facts and figures about the benefits of the technology, a buyers’ guide with information on Utah-available electric vehicles, and a savings calculator that provides information on fuel cost savings, emissions reduction and post-incentive vehicle cost.

“Utah Drives Electric is focused on electric vehicles in particular because of the technology’s unique position at the nexus of the transportation and utility sectors, and because of its potential to positively impact air quality,” says Dr. Laura Nelson, Executive Director of OED. “Our comprehensive goal is to promote the shift to a more diverse transportation system, one that includes electric vehicles, natural gas vehicles, alternative liquid fuels, and even public transit and pedestrian infrastructure.”

OED has become a leader in advancing electric vehicle infrastructure deployment throughout the State of Utah. In 2014 OED partnered with Nissan, the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) and other stakeholders to deploy the Wasatch Front’s first three publicly available high-voltage Level 3 charging stations. In 2015 OED will partner with Utah Valley University and again with UCAIR to install four Level 2 charging stations in Orem. The Office will continue to partner to advance the deployment of these important technologies, and Utah Drives Electric is meant to facilitate the private investments that will be truly essential to the diversification of Utah’s transportation sector.

Utah Drives Electric has a “Testimonial” section meant to encourage the participation of electric vehicle owners and other stakeholders, and the public is invited to submit testimonials or to provide input in other ways, including helping to keep the interactive charging station map current. OED hopes for to be a community tool powered by community interest and input.