GOP Majority in Congress Biggest Since 1947

The GOP now controlls 246 seats in Congress, giving them the biggest Republican majority since Harry S. Truman was in office.

There is still one race in Arizona oustanding. If the GOP wins there, they will have 247 seats to the Democrats' 188. That would make the Republican majority the largest since 1929.

From the Associated Press:

In the midterm election rout, House Republicans prevailed on Democratic turf, netting 12 seats and winning in New York, Illinois, Maine, New Hampshire and Iowa. Republican challengers knocked out long-term Democratic incumbents in Georgia and West Virginia, seats that the GOP now could hold for generations as the party maintains its stranglehold on the South.

The GOP had entered the Nov. 4 midterm elections with a 234-201 edge. Democrats had held out hope of minimizing their losses despite Obama's low popularity and historic losses for the party occupying the White House. Democrats did manage to win three Republican-held seats in California, Florida and Nebraska, but Republicans had far greater success around the country.